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Time changes everything, and “everything” includes the way we move. Cars, and automobiles in general, are constantly evolving, getting more and more complex for a better user experience. This is usually a good thing, but with the advance of the technology and complexity of its mechanical pieces, also it evolves the intricateness of its problems and failures.

Every machine composed of moving mechanical elements suffers more or less pronounced wear and therefore requires periodic maintenance, which fulfills two objectives: to keep the system in good working order and prevent future breakdowns. With cars the exact same thing happens. These are machines composed of many mechanical elements that require maintenance to keep all components in good working order.

The car manufacturers calculate and determine the periodicity with which scheduled maintenance must be carried out, but every car is used different and has a different history, so it’s not a bad idea to make inspections before it. The manufacturer determines in each case which elements have to be revised, replaced or adjusted, and it is very important to carry out the inspections of the car.

In NspectACar’s maintenance review, as we mentioned before, an inspection is made in order to prevent future breakdowns, because for some reason some parts or systems may present a wear that, if not treated in time, could lead to serious damage mechanics for the vehicle.

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