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About Us

Nspectacar is a privately owned company on a mission to assist clients with the used car purchase. We devote our honest work to shedding light on the information essential for the smart car purchase.

Our Business


Following a business model that caters to prospective used car owners, Nspectacar gained the authority for delivering highly efficient car inspection services that included commercial, vintage, expert, and exotic cars.

How Nspectacar Came to Be?

Marvin Pope, founder and CEO of Nspectacar, realized the importance of a quality car inspection after a series of wrong purchases. As a result of buying used cars without sufficient knowledge of their shape and condition, Marvin ended up paying thousands of dollars on unnecessary repairs. This urged him to learn about car mechanics and help other car owners make a right decision, avoiding wasting their hard-earned money.

When bringing Nspectacar to life, Marvin understood two important things. First, the great value in owning a quality used the car. Brand new cars could take years to pay off, and a short-term investment into a previously owned model can provide the same benefits at the fraction of the price. The second thing Marvin learned, was that many used car vendors aren’t honest about the vehicle they are selling. Vendors aim to cash in on a car they no longer need, and they will go above and beyond to get rid of it for a good price. Learning about the qualities of used cars in good shape, and comparing them to those of the opposite kind, led Marvin Pope to reveal an entire potential business concept. As a result, he created Nspectacar from the ground up.

Built on Client Satisfaction

We now pride in being an individual company and building our name from scratch, not hiding behind a franchise name of a famous company. Nspectacar rose as an original company and “worked its way up” through devotion, honesty, hard work, and experience.

As a result, Nspectacar has built a reputation for providing 100-point used car reports, which have helped our clients make a right purchasing decision. To complete our mission, we employ inspectors who realize the vital significance of thorough car inspections. Even the slightest overlook could lead to future breakdowns and unnecessary costs, and our inspectors work round-o-clock to prevent that from happening.

Nspectacar understands the need for you to receive a full report on the condition of a used car prior to purchase, and we’ve built our business specifically around used cars. What does that mean for you? It means that we’ve developed a business concept that, among other aspects, focuses on:


Communicating with clients who haven't had enough experience with a car in question.


Researching and updating our knowledge base on issues and common flaws in used cars that are specific to the model and manufacturer


Calculating, evaluating, and informing the client of necessary repairs and upgrades


Evaluating the quality and value of the vehicle in question and it's suitability for the client's individual driving and budget needs


Making thorough and knowledgeable evaluations on aspects relevant to the used car purchase

Why hire Nspectacar?


Our mechanics are ASE TRAINED and are hired independently, we don’t work with Auto renting firms. Nspectacar has nothing but CLIENT SATISFACTION to rely on. Tool by tool, employee by employee, we’ve built our name on:




By choosing to work with Nspectacar, you are choosing a company that puts your interests first.  When you work with Nspectacar, you get the following benefits:


Full Service Auto Shop

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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