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At Nspectacar we understand the importance of car inspection so that we offer 100-point vehicle inspection services at affordable rates. We are the team of skilled and well-trained mechanics who are specializing in offering the fast vehicle inspection services for all types of vehicles. Our team has the latest equipment, hands-on experience, and professional expertise to bring the high-quality vehicle inspection within your budget. If you own a car, you need to maintain it properly. Both the regular maintenance and inspection helps you to ensure that your car is away from various repair issues and other hassles. We offer quality inspection to all parts of your car to increase your safety while driving. Our car inspection is actually carried out by only qualified mechanics. With best approaches and techniques, we also provide used car inspection service that aims to aid our clients in making a smart buying decision.

Services covered by our 100-point inspection

Our 100-point inspection service covers an array of services. If you want to know more about our inspection service, you can visit our official website. It is a convenient place where you can discover a list of services offered by us. It includes: • Inspection of different leaks, oil leaks, and transmission leaks • Check the breaks inspect pads and inspect rotors parking brake fluid leaks • Fluid leaks, shocks, steering suspension, cv axle boots wheel alignment, springs, shocks, and linkage • Inspection of catalytic converter, brackets, pipes, manifold, resonator, exhaust, muffler • Check the heater hose, radiator, engine, and cooling system • Washer fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, engine oil and fluid levels • Air conditioning • Wiper system • Fuel system • Air filter • Fuel tank • Tire condition

Benefits of our car inspection report

We create a complete and detailed report of your car. Also, we also ensure that our client gets a peaceful mind with our professional and expert car inspection and inspection report on their car. Our services can add true valuable enabling clients to spend money with more confidence. Here are the specialties of our inspection report as follow: • Outline the repairs which are required or common issues with a vehicle • A used-car inspection report will offer a car history check • Helps you to save money and time

What makes us ideal for car inspection?

Nspectacar only hires the experienced and friendly mechanics that treat the clients as friends. Our skilled team offers car inspection for your vehicles with utmost care. The important thing about our team is that it also offers inspection services even to the used cars. The inspection offered by our qualified mechanics covers each and every part of the vehicle. It also includes a proper and quality analysis of different components including the body of your vehicle, damages caused by a crash, rust, paint, and others. We are not only offering inspection services but also deliver you a precise inspection report. The main benefit of using our 100-point inspection is that it helps you to make a proper decision before buying any used car. If you want to get our car inspection services, you can immediately contact us.

Our Pricing

We focus on both efficiency and cost reduction, continuously improving our services to meet the needs of our clients. Our mechanics make available the reliable and fast Auto Inspection Service at just the price of $175. We are committed to providing excellent service to our customers so that there is no buyers remorse when purchasing a used vehicle.

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