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Yes, we do paint readings yes we check on the bottom half of vehicles.we are not associated with any dealerships we are for the consumer


Our Satisfied Customers

I was looking at a Corvette online that was located in Lynnwood Wa. The dealership said there were no issues. The check engine light was on, abs light was on it needed brakes and tune up. I would recommend using these guys. They gave updates and made sure i was informed thru the whole process. They prevented me from making a bad buying decision. I would use these guys again.

From: Colorado


I used nspectacar to have a 2017 Chevy Silverado Z71 looked at. They went to the dealership picked it up performed inspection. They discovered it needed brakes the dealership fixed it prior to my purchase. Money well spent on this service they follow up and took pictures you feel they are on your side.

From: Reno Nevada


Was looking at a Mazda online wanted a pre purchase inspection. I am so glad in used this service car had several issues that i was unaware of. Pictures don’t tell the whole story car fax had gaps in it. They called us as soon as they picked up car and as soon as inspection was done. We are happy we used this service. 😀

From: Texas


We were buying a Land Cruiser and wanted it looked over prior to getting it shipped to us. They gave us detailed information took pictures checked all records. The dealership didn’t allow them to take off to the shop so they refunded part of our money back. They followed up and made sure we were satisfied with the purchase. I was happy to have a independent pre purchase inspection done. Use these guys money worth the service they act as your agent.

From: California


Best Car Inspection Service in Seattle, WA

Our client’s safety is our main priority, so we ensure our clients receive only the best quality inspections every time. Here at Nspectacar, we offer the best range of inspection services for your used cars. Our site has an expert team of experienced inspectors who have the capability to handle all kinds of inspection jobs and complete them perfectly.

We always strive to create the appropriate report of the used car within a short period of time. The detailed report helps clients to make proper decision within few hours of our inspection.  The express used car report is generated quickly to help our clients in quick decision-making. Moreover, we also ensure that every part of your used car is properlychecked to develop an entire inspection report. The impressive fact about our report is that it is entirely based on the true condition of a used car.


Yes we do inspect electric vehicles

Our 125 point auto inspection services

We have a team of highly experienced and well-trained inspectors who carry out every inspection across a full check of 125-points. The best thing about our car inspection is that it covers every part of your car for developing a precise report.  Most essentially, our 125 point inspection includes:

  • Title verification
  • Recalls on vehicle
  • Flood damage
  • Odometer mileage
  • Road test
  • Review all records associated with vehicle
  • Muffler, pipes, resonator, exhaust, catalytic converter, manifold, and brackets
  • Heater hose, radiator, engine and cooling system
  • Inspect wiper system, tire condition, and air conditioning
  • Check fuel tank and fuel system
  • Inspect air filter







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Why should I hire a car inspection company?

We believe that driving a car without inspecting it is like taking a long trip on a motorcycle without a helmet. There is a possibility that you will arrive at your destination unharmed and in perfect condition, but there is also a very high risk of suffering an accident.
When you buy a car without inspecting, it is the same. There is a good chance that the seller is selling it because he has some costly repair problem or has suffered a serious accident. In addition, many cars that appear to be in perfect condition may have serious mechanical problems that are imperceptible to anyone. This is why we strongly suggest you hire a car inspection specialist.
NspectACar inspections not only take into account aspects of the engine, suspension, brakes and other mechanical aspects, we also take into account the state of brassware, interiors, electronic equipment, safety, comfort, etc. This allows you to know exactly the state of your car, and if it’s a pre-buy inspection, it also gives you the right tools to negotiate. With our inspections, you will no longer be at the mercy of any clever salesman who wants to take advantage of you.

Why should I hire NspectACar?
There are many reasons why it is preferable to hire NspectACar instead of conventional mechanics.
First of all, your safety is our number one priority. We are not here to sell you anything, we are here to take care of you and your car, that’s why we not only meet the industry standards, we surpass them.
We are backed up by more than twenty years of client satisfaction. This gives us the security to ensure that we give the best service in the market. Our team has many proficient mechanics that have better skills in inspecting your used car. Additionally, we also find out the problems in car parts.
The fact that we are specialists in inspections gives us great advantages. We have more experience, more practice, we thoroughly know all types of vehicles and we know the “tricks” that sellers use to make up or disguise potential problems.
Our process is refined and improved continuously. This allows us to be better and better and offer you a better service.
I want to buy a car but the seller refuses the inspection?
If a seller refuses to inspect his car, it is probably because he hides something. If so, we would recommend looking for another option.
Do your inspectors use inspection equipment?
Yes, depending on the selected plan, our inspectors use different specialized equipment and tools to perform a quick and effective inspection. At NspectACar, we take advantage of the best technologies to offer you an excellent service. We are always improving our services, and because of this, we improve our equipment and tools as well.
What does the inspection include?
Our inspection process is the most complete in the market, we review more than 100 points of the vehicle, example: engine, chassis, box, front train, electricity, electronics, structure, shocks, repainting, connect the scanner without charge, etc. Our report combines the results of a comprehensive visual review, check-up with high-tech equipment, and the experience of our expert mechanics.
We inspect every part of the used car properly to develop a comprehensive report. Our reports not only include inspections but also cover the repair estimates if some are required. For more detailed information,feel free to contact us.
What is the preparation and knowledge of your inspectors?
All our inspectors are carefully selected and trained. They have formal academic preparation in Automotive Mechanics and must meet several requirements to work with us: A considerable experience, expertise in the handling of inspection equipment, customer service skills, computing and Internet. In addition, every inspector works as a team with our office staff and their assistants, who are also carefully selected and trained to offer you an impeccable service.
How long will the inspection process take?
Because it is the most complete and detailed inspection process, our procedure takes about (Please complete this), depending on the type of car. This could take more or less time considering the state of the car.
What are the ways to pay for an inspection of NspectACAR?
There are three convenient ways to pay for our service:

• Credit card

• Deposit or transfer to the account of NspectACar

• Effective in our workshop

When is the report delivered?
The report is delivered at the end of the check.
Will the technician move to where the vehicle is?
Yes, the check is made in the place where the vehicle is. We have technicians all over the country to ensure that everyone can ask for our car inspection service.
What kind of vehicles do you check?
NspectACar checks all types of vehicles, cars, vans, classic and old cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks and marinized engines.

Why hire us?

With a greater level of experience and expertise in the used cars field, we are certain to bring you the right advice.  We will only bring unbiased and honest feedback to our clients based on the inspection of their used car. Here are our specialties as follow:

Qualified Mechanics

Our team has many proficient mechanics that have better skills in inspecting your used car. Additionally, we also find out the problems in car.

Peace of Mind

When you book our used car inspection service, you need not worry about money wastage.  It is because we inspect the used car thoroughly.

Comprehensive Reports

We inspect every part of the used car properly to develop a comprehensive report. Our reports not only include inspections

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From Our Clients

“We were buying a van from a car rental agency, Marvin went with us on the test drive. Took it to the shop inspected it made sure there were no concerns. It gave us a sound peace of mind. They followed up and gave us tips to preserve the car.”


Marvin went and looked at 2 Aston Martins,he checked the paint did complete inspection on both of them took pictures and videos. He explained report in detail he told us the past experience he had with the dealearship you can tell he is on your side he was able to help getting car transported to me as i do not live in Washington i would use his service again. You will not be disappointed.


“I had a bad experience buying a car and didn’t want to make that mistake again.They went to the car lot took it to their shop did the inspection explained report in detail. The whole process took about an hour and a half. I would definitely use them.”


“We were buying a Porsche in Bellevue we used this service and discovered it needed 700.00 in repairs. We got the price reduced from the dealership it was money well spent. Had we not got it inspected we would have had to pay for repairs ourselves. The car was being sold As Is. Use a independent inspection service.”

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