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Buying a used car, regardless of its condition, is regulated by Washington State Law. Regulations such as RCW 48.96.045(4), RCW 46.70.101(1)(b)(viii), and RCW 46.70.125 define the rights and responsibilities of both parties, the buyer and the seller. All of the regulations point out to one conclusion:


What Are Your Rights?

In quick summary, it is your right to withdraw from any prospective car purchase prior to signing a contract. Once you’ve signed the contract, you can no longer revoke the transaction or ask for any changes to the agreement.

What Does This Mean?

If for any reason, the used car you’ve purchased doesn’t meet the standards claimed by the vendor, they are not obliged to refund the purchase after you’ve signed the contract and made the transaction.
It is a car vendor’s right to refuse to have their car inspected, but it should be a clear sign that they have something to hide. Before you’ve signed a contract, regardless of any prior agreements, it is within your right to change your mind and refuse to make any transactions. If a car vendor doesn’t allow a car inspection prior to purchase, it should warn about a couple of possible risks:

The car is stolen.

Once a person realizes that they are in possession of a stolen car, they will do whatever they can to get rid of it.

The car is in bad shape.

The most common reason why vendors refuse an inspection is that a car is in a really bad condition, which is unnoticeable from the outside.

The car information is false.

WITHDRAW from any used car dealers without the possibility of an inspection. Once you’ve made the final transaction, you no longer have any right to ask the return of your money. If the car is in a bad condition or tampered with, you are on your own. A timely inspection with Nspectacar prior to buying is the only way to protect yourself against fraudulent vendors. BOOK NSPECTACAR NOW!

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