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People that deal with cars and every other sort of land vehicle tend to have so many of them trying to loot from those customers even in the tiniest of opportunities. Some car dealers rip their customers through; hiking the price of vehicles to breed outrageous interest. And if by chance, the customer doesn’t get to know of their dealings they pack the money and go!

Sign and go offers

Sign and go” otherwise known as sign and drive, is a means through which car dealers try to use to gain ground in the auto industry. They make you believe that everything is cost-free but we all know that nothing is free even in free town. Some car lots understand that if they should place the no money before driving tag on their companies, it’s going to trigger the customer’s interest and urge of getting a new car. People who make this decision most times, don’t have good control over their decision makings and it’s truly not a commendable feat. Although there are good signs and drive offers out there. The bad ones won’t actually let them shine through so let’s focus on the disadvantages of sign and drive offers.

They don’t always tell you the complete truth:

Some car dealers will make it look like you are extremely free and roaming with no cost attached to the car you are driving. Then boom! Car bills start showing and stick out their ugly head which you’ve always hate to hear. Bills such as; taxes, first monthly pay, monthly payment, etc. However, if it’s a real sign-and-go offer, they will not ever ask you to pay bills when they’ve already promised. They sweet talk you into signing Something is really in it for them. Unsuspecting clients, however, do not always see this. Customers should endeavor to take their time and read through every word contained on every space in the document before signing to avoid cases of “had I known”.

High Insurance:

Most cars gotten through sign and go offers costs a great deal of money when you want to insure them. It’s always higher than the normal price and this can disorganize a person who’s already got their mind of the bills.

You might likely not qualify for it:

When you cast all your hope on the idea that you are going to get to drive your first car through sign and go offers, you might want to have a rethink because most of the times, the car dealers spend a great deal of time trying to check the credibility and transparency of people interested in the deal. So you need to first be sure that you are qualified, so you don’t go ahead and have all your hopes dashing.

The thing is, if you want to get a good feel of what driving your own car means, you should try to save up and get your self a car because most of these deals and offers have a way of ending one in tears.

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