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Buying a new car is like a dream come true for everyone. So, when you finally get to buy one, it is one of your most valuable belongings because not everyone can afford to buy a new car every other month. So, it is terrifying to entrust your vehicle to someone else.

Shipping your car out of state is the best option for you when moving or purchasing a car while in another state. It is not easy to buy a car every now and then, and personal transport is an utmost need for everyone. But when it comes to your vehicle, new or old, it is hard to give complete authority over it to someone else. So, using services like Tacoma pre-purchase inspection is critical as you must inspect your vehicle and keep documentation before shipping.

Why is it important to document your vehicle’s condition before shipping it?

Shipping your vehicle to you when you are out of state is very important. Why? While shipping the vehicles, they sometimes get damaged. And the damage can be as small as a scratch or a dent, or it can be huge, like damage to the interior or something like a busted bumper. If that happens to your vehicle, how can you claim that if you don’t have any proof that it was in good condition before it was shipped?

When I say that you must not take the risk, I’m speaking from personal experience. It happened to me when I inspected the vehicle thoroughly before shipping it to a client out of the state, and there was no noticeable damage, but when it arrived at the destination, it was damaged.

If you do not want such a thing to happen, getting help from a company like Seattle pre-purchase inspection can help you avoid all the stress. If your vehicle is shipped to you damaged and ruined, what if you couldn’t do anything about it? So, it is important to keep documentation in the form of pictures and videos before having your car shipped to you out of the state.

Reasons why pictures and videos are important:

There are several reasons why it is mandatory to take pictures and videos before shipping a car out of state:

  1. Federal way pre-purchase inspection of your car before it is shipped to you can lessen the chance of damage and secure the chances of claim in case of any mishaps.
  2. Car shipping requires multiple documents that involve the owner and dealer. Both parties must have proper documentation and agreement, which involves few documents. And this whole process is called a “chain of custody.” And it also involves the proof of the actual condition of the vehicle so that when it is shipped and received by the owner, it is easy to inspect and compare the condition of the car before and after delivery.
  3. It is easy to claim your vehicle’s insurance when you have proper documentation of your vehicle done by an authentic Lynnwood pre-purchase inspection. In case of any damage, it would be easier to claim insurance for the repairs required on your car.


What is the right way to take pictures of the vehicle being shipped?

Taking pictures of your car before shipping is not like taking regular pictures or a selfie; that could work anyway. Car pictures and videos must be taken in a proper way to be able to claim insurance in case of damage. So, this is how pictures should be taken:

  1. Make sure to focus on every detail. If the pictures are taken hurriedly, they might be blurred, making them useless.
  2. Do not zoom in to make it more prominent because zooming in could do bad than good.
  3. Try and take pictures from different angles to make it clear how your vehicle looks.


Final verdict:

If you want your vehicle to arrive safe and sound, do not forget to seek help from Lynnwood pre-purchase inspection. Taking pictures and videos is crucial as everything and every deal turns out to be fair with proper documentation.

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