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Online auction sites like eBay are a terrific way to find a deal on a variety of products, including cars as well as clothing and shoes. The most common method of purchasing an automobile is by far used cars. In the UK, 2.3 million new cars were sold overall in 2019, vs. 7.9 million used cars.


Ways to Buy A Car

eBay Motors is the fastest site to find an older car. Vehicles can be bought and sold in a variety of ways on this website, which advertises itself as an auction site. These include:

Auction: During an auction, a vehicle is sold to the bidder who submits the highest amount during a set time.

Classified Adds: Before making the advertised purchase, buyers make direct contact with the seller (often a trader) to examine the vehicle.

Buy It Now: Cars are offered for sale online under the heading “Buy It Now” for a predetermined price.

Best Offer: On items marked “Buy It Now,” buyers present a price to the vendor. The choice to accept, reject, or counter the offer is made by the seller.


eBay Buyer Protection Program

eBay Buyer Protection is a promise made to customers on the U.S. eBay site,, that eBay will step in to settle issues in disputes between buyers and sellers when the vendor has not acted appropriately to do so.

Customers who successfully submit a claim under the scheme are typically:

  • The complete purchase price and delivery costs were refunded directly by eBay.
  • The unsatisfactory items must be returned to the seller.
  • In other cases, the buyer may not need to return the products to the seller to claim a refund but is still free from any further ties to the deal or obligations to the seller. In the event of a favourable decision, eBay will be in charge of collecting money from the seller since the buyer has already been compensated.

Though eBay has its protective plan, they are time-consuming and risky. Prevention is better than cure. Now we will look at the pre-purchase inspection programs so you buy the car without hassle and after complete satisfaction.

What Is a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

If a pre-owned car turns out to be an unreliable purchase, getting a good deal on it is meaningless. By having a new or used car examined and tested by a specialist in auto repair, a pre-purchase car check may reduce worries. If there are any issues with the car, they can be found through this open process, along with any prospective repair expenses. With every pre-owned car purchase, we advise a pre-buy examination to ensure there are no unpleasant surprises.

The Advantages

You will be able to verify repair prices and obtain a thorough breakdown of precisely what needs to be replaced or repaired if the seller has raised any possible issues.

The acquisition process is made more transparent and anxiety-free thanks to this inspection. Additionally, it puts you in charge both physically and figuratively because the data may provide you with more negotiation power when negotiating prices.

What Can Happen Without Pre-purchase Inspection?


There are instances where someone pays for a car, and after they send the money, the seller just goes silent. No response, no car, nothing. Even worse, the seller might completely vanish by deleting their account and the listing, making it nearly impossible to track them down. So, not only is the buyer left without the car they thought they’d get, but they’re also out of the money they paid.

Another troubling scenario is when someone does get the car after purchasing it online, but there’s a bunch of things wrong with it. Some cars had missing doors or a replaced engine.

Others had faulty parts or even a different transmission than what was promised. In addition, there is the “photo scam.” I discovered this clever strategy in which a car is published online with one price in the description, such as $12,000, but the car’s photo suggests a significantly lower price, such as $5000. When a potential buyer reaches out, the seller would give a sad story about why they had to lower the price, trying to gain sympathy.

The buyer then pays the cheaper amount, thinking they’ve landed a great deal, but in the end, they never get the car they paid for.


Where to get Pre-purchase Inspection?

Inspecting services for cars on eBay are offered in Seattle, Bellevue, and Tacoma.

Searching for “Seattle pre-purchase inspection,” “Bellevue pre-purchase inspection,” or “Tacoma pre-purchase inspection” will bring up hundreds of websites where they can check the automobile for you. Before selecting the best service, read the reviews.

Usually, the person who’s buying the car that pays for the inspection. For a basic check, it can cost between $100 to $200. It’s not just a quick look-over; they do a detailed check of the car’s health and even take it for a test drive. The cost varies according to the type of vehicle.



It’s important to agree on everything about the pre-purchase inspection with the person selling the car before getting it done. A good pre-purchase inspection can help in making a decision. If there’s something fishy in the report, maybe it’s best to think twice before buying. Good luck with your purchase on eBay.

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