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Somewhere in our brains, we all know that we should exercise caution when buying a pre-owned car. Founder of, Marvin Pope recalls an interesting case:

“The year was 2017, the client was buying a Porsche. ‘What could go wrong?’ they asked me. ‘We’re sure everything’ll be fine.’ It’s a good job they’d hired me to inspect the used Porsche they were interested in. It was riddled with issues and our advice not to buy it saved them thousands.”

This shows us is that even top-brand cars like Porsche are susceptible to damage, and we should always exercise our caution. But there’s another term that works to dazzle us out of caution, and that’s “Certified Pre-Owned.” There’s something about that word that makes us feel safe; like nothing can go wrong. The truth is that it’s just a fancier way of saying “Used.”

Would you ever hand over tens of thousands of dollars for something without having scrutinized that object first? You wouldn’t, right? So, why would you think of doing that with a car? Don’t forget the sobering truth that once you drive the car off the lot, it’s your responsibility, not the dealerships. Without having it inspected, they may have offloaded some kind of mechanical liability to you.

What are the benefits of pre-purchase inspection?

1. You’ll get the advice you never even knew existed. A trained inspector can remind you of surprising truths like being wary of a dealership’s warranty. That sounds counterintuitive, but it’s because the dealership warranty often ties you to their in-house mechanic team, which you might not want if you already have a trusted mechanic on the outside.

2. You spot more than existing issues. Besides seeing what’s wrong with the car now, a trained inspector can also detect what will be wrong with it down the line.

3. It’s like insurance. An inspection may seem like an extra expense, but when you factor in the peace of mind you get, and potential savings you make on not buying a defective car, it becomes worth it.

4. You benefit from an objective opinion. As the buyer, you can get tunnel vision with some cars that you might just love because they’re a certain brand or model that you’ve always admired. Let an impartial guide show you the important facts.

Where to get help

Never underestimate the power of a professional inspection. Don’t put your faith in the gloss and shine of the dealership photos. It’s far better to trust in the expertise of an industry veteran. Talk to us at today. Our inspections will set your mind at ease and get you on the right track.

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