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With COVID-19 sending a lot of people home, some of you may have picked up new hobbies, like rebuilding cars! Well we don’t mean to take away from your craft, but today we will be talking about why rebuilt cars are not worth full value. Again that doesn’t mean that you can’t resell your rebuilt car for more than you bought it for, but it would be difficult to sell it for full value. Just keep reading and hear us out!

Car Inspection Services

If you’ve ever used a car inspection service in Seattle you’ll be quick to know that we’re correct in saying that they are not worth full value. This is because inspectors like the ones at the car inspection service in Bellevue Burien can tell whether you rebuilt the car or if it’s new from the factory. Inspections may cost more or you may fail the inspection with your rebuilt parts. This is just one reason why rebuilt cars are not going to be worth the full value. 

Car Inspection Services

Buyers Are Not Willing to Pay Full Price

Another reason is much more simple, no cars really get their full value when you resell them! Not many people would pay full value for any cars. Although if you take your car to Lynnwood Tacoma in West Seattle run by Kent Everett, you’re sure to get the best deal possible! Whether you’re trading it in to buy a new car or simply looking for someone to sell your car to, they’re guaranteed to give you a great deal.

The Car’s Title Reduces the Value

One thing that you may not initially think about is the car’s title and background history. Once people see either how many owners the car has had or the work that has been done on the car, the value is likely to drop significantly. Unfortunately, there is not much that you can do about this reduction in value since it is simply something that will happen over time. Regardless, this is something that you need to keep in mind when rebuilding a car since it will reduce the value of the car.

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